Determining The Best Toilet Position At Home

Long a time ago, people put a bathroom outside the house, separate from the house itself. However, modern home design that prioritizes space efficiency, making the bathroom placed in the house, even near the bedroom resources. In addition, seeing the comfort in hotels, where bedrooms have bedrooms indoors, many people are beginning to imitate that. Since then, many homes have put bathrooms in their rooms. With the help of bathroom renovation northern virginia, you can move your bathroom into a room with attention to the layout of your home.

When the architect put the main bedroom (the larger one) downstairs, it turns out there is a bathroom located above the main bedroom. Many homeowners do not realize this, but only later realized that so far there are residents of the house who sleep ‘under’ the bathroom.

So the problem is twofold:
(1) how to deal with the bathroom above the bedroom?
(2) how to set the bathroom in the right position?

Bathroom above the bedroom
To overcome the bathroom that is right above a bedroom, there are several ways to renovate it. The safest way, move one of the rooms. Can move the bathroom upstairs, or the bedroom below is shifted.
But what if this can’t be done?

If you cannot move one of the rooms, then the change that must be made is to place the bed not under the closet or bathtub. If that is not possible, then you must move the closet holder.

The thing to remember is to change the bathroom to have air ventilation, as well as natural lighting as possible. In addition, the bathroom needs to be given a bright color. Both air ventilation, natural lighting, and the use of colors in the bathroom, everything is intended to make the bathroom have a better aura.

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