How To Treat Unbearable Knee Pain

Different causes of knee pain, it will also be different ways of treatment. Therefore, it is very important to always know the cause of knee pain to determine the most appropriate treatment method spectrum medical. But generally, doctors will provide several types of treatment, according to the needs of people with knee pain. Starting from the use of drugs, physiotherapy, to surgery. The use of drugs, such as analgesics is done to relieve pain, and there are also other types of drugs used to reduce inflammation. In addition to using drugs, treating pain in the knee can also be done with knee specialist in los angeles. Treatment with physiotherapy aims to train and help strengthen muscles.

In some cases of knee pain, surgical procedures may be needed. Surgery is usually done to deal with injuries. For example, surgery to replace the kneecap. But certainly, the doctor will do an examination first to find out the cause of knee pain, and then decide on the treatment needed.

Actually the conditions that can cause the knee to feel pain or not a little pain. In other words, many things can dislocate ligaments, torn cartilage, and arthritis in the kneecap. Well, here are some common causes according to experts:

Infections such as septic arthritis.
Cartilage injury or tendon damage.
Joint bleeding.
Having certain diseases (gout, tendonitis, Osgood-Schlatter, or osteoarthritis).
Pain in the front of the knee is like pain around the kneecap.

Besides the causes as above, knee pain can also be caused by several factors. The following risk factors:

Certain sports.
Biomechanical problems.
Injury ever experienced before.
Lack of flexibility or muscle strength.

Pain in the kneecap can also be treated with physical therapy such as physiotherapy. The aim is to strengthen the muscles around the knee. For example, strengthening the quadriceps muscle (quadriceps), stretching the hamstring muscles (hamstrings), and calf muscles (lower legs). However, if physical therapy does not produce the desired results, sometimes experts will suggest doing surgery to repair the damage.