Some Ways That Make Wheelchairs Are Good To Use And Look At

For people with disabilities wheelchair users, the vehicle can be considered as half of his life. Because a wheelchair is a vehicle that helps all forms of daily activities of a person with a disability, a wheelchair user. Sometimes and often wheelchair users often do not pay attention to the cleanliness of the wheelchair cushions they use. The price of a wheelchair that is practically not cheap should make the wheelchair user aware of how the user is caring for his wheelchair so that it is durable and pleasing to the eye.

Here are some ways you can try:
• Avoid from water let alone saltwater
The main enemy of wheelchairs is water. Because water can make iron in rusty wheelchairs. Try after bathing or using a wheelchair with activities that have to do with water immediately take a cloth to wipe the wheelchair clean of water. Do that after finishing the activity. Moreover, we use the wheelchair on the beach to immediately wash the wheelchair to avoid seawater, because seawater makes it very easy for rust to appear on a wheelchair.

• Clean from dust and dirt
The use of wheelchairs every day is very unlikely if the wheelchair is protected from dust. Dust that accumulates in a wheelchair, on the frame, or on the wheels of the wheel can be very thick especially if the wheelchair is often used outside the home. Immediately to clean with a cloth, so that your wheelchair shine again.

• Check the air pressure suspension on the tire
Tires that lack air pressure suspension or look flat, usually make a heavy wheelchair to pedal. Then pay attention to the air suspension so that the wheelchair is lightly pedaled. The use of wheelchairs with less air suspension can also quickly cause damage to the wheel rims and wheelchairs. Unlike the case, if you have a wheelchair that is a wheelchair that uses dead tires, which of course dead tires do not require checking air pressure.