You Should Beware Of These Health Problems When The Weather Is Very Hot

Hot weather is indeed a challenge for those with a variety of outdoor activities. In addition to being able to make the body easy to weaken, the weather with the hot sun is vulnerable to make the body attacked by some diseases. Furthermore, the problem might get worse if your air conditioner is broken at home. Therefore, we highly recommend you to try your best to keep your body cool, and you may also want to call the excellent air conditioning repair company in your city.

What health problems can you experience during hot weather? You just need to read the following information:


Blazing sunlight can cause the body to get a headache or migraine. This condition can also occur if the body is exposed to excessive air pollution. If you often experience migraines during hot weather, minimize by avoiding exposure to direct sunlight.

Sore eyes

The dry season triggers dirt, dust, and smoke that you find more when you move outside your home. Well, this can make health problems in the eye, starting from red, itchy, or hot eyes.

If you do a lot of activities outside the home, you should use glasses to protect your eyes from dust and smoke that can interfere with your health.

Inner heat

The weather that is too hot can cause the body to experience excessive heat. If it is coupled with inappropriate food intake, for example eating too much fried or spicy, it can trigger deep heat problems.

Some symptoms of heartburn that are generally experienced by the body are the body feels not fit, fever, runny nose, canker sores, dry throat, until digestive disorders such as constipation.

Respiratory tract infection

Hot and dusty weather can also affect the health of your respiratory tract, you know. Health problems such as respiratory tract infections are prone to attack during dry weather and are dusty. Use a mask every time you move outdoors, especially when driving a public vehicle or motorcycle to minimize the risk.