Types of Men’s Socks and Suitable Shoes

Men must know that socks are not just one kind. In terms of size alone, there are at least three kinds. Not to mention when viewed from the thickness and design. Each sock represents a certain function and style. For example, sheer socks are suitable if you wear sneakers because it will make your shoes more visible. In order to be more determined to walk with your shoes, know the types of socks, such as cycling socks.

– Casual Sock
This type is the most commonly found every day. Judging from its size, this sock is above the knee length but does not reach the calf. These socks are suitable if we use long pants or use uniforms. Almost all types of shoes suitable to be combined with these socks. From the start of loafers, sneakers, to boots. But you should not use these socks when wearing shorts. You will be considered old-fashioned because your socks will look flashy. If you want to appear eccentric, you can choose this type of socks that displays certain motifs or images.

– Running Sock
If you want to wear running shoes, these socks are the most appropriate. Only the length of the foot so that the friction in the legs, especially in the calf, is not too pronounced. In terms of appearance, this sock fits well with shorts or pants that are folded 7/8. That way, your shoes will be more visible. That’s why this type of socks is usually the most preferred by those who wear sneakers.

– Hiking Socks
As you may have guessed, these socks prioritize the thickness of the material so that we don’t get cold in the face of the wind when at high altitudes. Mountain climbers know how it feels. To maximize foot protection, hiking socks are usually long to the calf. Now, to wear these socks, make sure your shoes are a little loose. So thick socks! When choosing mountain shoes, make sure that they are one number larger than your usual size.