There Are Some Side Effects Of Using Dentures

Basically, if dentures are well maintained, you can reduce the side effects that can affect your health. However, it is not uncommon for various problems surrounding dentist Beaverton that actually increase this risk.

It’s starting from not being cared for, not quite right, so rarely consulted with a doctor that actually causes side effects that are quite alarming, such as:

Change the face shape

One of the side effects of using dentures that don’t fit in your mouth is changing the shape of your face. Actually, your dentures will not change. However, over time, the oral cavity may change. Bone-in the human mouth can shrink and make your jaw out of alignment. This is what can make your dentures do not fit.

This condition is very risky to change the shape of your face because when the jaw changes, the structure of your face also changes.

Difficulty to chew and swallow

For those of you who have just used dentures, it may be difficult in the first months to chew and swallow food. As a result, people who have just used dentures tend not to have an appetite.

The effect of the use of dentures on this one is caused by several factors, namely:

Excessive production of saliva.
Most of the pieces of food stuck behind the dentures.
Remove replacement teeth when you bite and chew.
There are sores and blisters on your mouth so it hurts when you chew.

Having difficulty when talking

Besides having difficulty chewing and swallowing, using dentures also risks making it difficult for you to speak. However, take it easy because this condition is very common among people who have just used dentures.

Some problems surrounding speech that will arise when using dentures include:

Making a sizzling sound because excessive saliva production takes up a lot of space in your mouth.
It sounds like rinsing while talking because your dentures will move more due to saliva production, so that sounds like that.
Get out whistles when talking because the front dentures have a slightly different position from the natural teeth, so it takes time for your teeth to adjust.

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